Backpack Quest

Submission for for GB Jam 11

Theme: Space

The village of Sunnyside has recently been plagued with a series of bandit attacks. Last night, the bodybuilder bandits kidnapped a local business owner. The mayor of Sunnyside called on the local hero (you) to infiltrate the bandit lair and save the prisoner. Use any items you can to defeat the bandits, BUT you can only fit so much inside your backpack, so manage your inventory wisely.


This game was made for GB Jam 11. Which means that the controls are gameboy controls (D-PAD, A, B, START, SELECT).


XBox Controller Mappings:


A: A or X

B: B or Y

Start: Start

Select: Back


Keyboard Mappings:

D-PAD: Arrow Keys or WASD

A: Z or J or A

B: X or K or B

Start: Escape or Enter

Select: Shift or Tab or Backspace


How To Play:

Outside Combat:

D-PAD: Move

A: Interact

START: Open Backpack


D-PAD: Move select arrow

A: Pick up item (when picked move with D-PAD, Rotate with B, and place with A)

B: Interact with item (Warning dropping items will permanently remove it)

START: Leave backpack

In Battle:

Action - Use currently equipped item (make sure to check which item is equipped in Items menu)

Items - Equip and look at items

Check - See an enemies remaining health

Run - Try to escape the battle

Fonts by Chevy Ray


Download 39 MB

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