Submission for the GMTK Jame 2022 "Roll of the Dice".

A fast-paced dice matching puzzle game with a twist!

Match three or more dice in a row to score points. Every time you match a number, all the dice of that number will change effect e.g. match three 2s and all 2s on the board will gain the "column" effect, which will roll one die either above or below the column dice.

There are a range of different dice effects, each forecast by a green highlighted zone. Current dice effects are shown on the left hand side with your score above.

Every so often, a yellow "!" will appear beside a dice in the left panel. When those dice are matched, it activates a chain reaction for one turn which will set off the effect of every dice rolled, e.g. a "column" die will trigger the effect of a "row" die above it, which then triggers the effect if a column beside it, and so on.

As you play, new dice effects come into play which can stack for bigger and bigger chain reactions.

See how high a score you can get before the timer runs out and post it in the comments!

Made using Unity, Aseprite, Audacity and Beepbox.


Download 31 MB


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Hard to understand at first but after playing for a little while, things make sense. It’s really addictive!

I love all the different combinations!

cool grapichs and music, nice concept of combining match 3 and dicing mechanics
well done!

Coll graphics, but a little confusing hahah

This game was very fun. This could easily be an addicting phone game with the addition of a leader board. I'm gonna post my score cause I feel like this is a score posting game. 117800.

Cool concept and the visuals look nice.