Submission to the 7DRL Challenge 2023 

Everything was made in 7 days

Over 165 different potions to create!

Turn based roguelike where you explore the ruin of an old alchemy lab. Pick up ingredients and use them to brew potions. Each ingredient has unique properties that affect the potion differently. Experiment with ingredients to learn their effects and make the perfect potion for each situation. 

How To Play

WASD - Move

L-Click - Throw Potion

Space - Change Potion

ESC - Open Brewing Menu

In Brewing Menu you can select three ingredients and press "Brew" to make a new potion

Hover over enemies to see their stats

Bug Fix: Fixed a game breaking bug that locked player out of game. The Web version of the game has that fix, to play the original Jam version please download below.

Known Issue:

There seems to be a bug with the download files on at the moment because the WebGL version needs an experimental setting to work with Godot 4. Sorry about that!

See for more details


Download (Jam Version w/ bugs) 31 MB

Install instructions

Download, unzip, and run the exe


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some how managed to break the game.  it would let me brew a potion but could not move or throw another potion.

Thanks for pointing this out, I will take a look into that issue

I'd post a link to a video I did of your game, but unfortunately you'll have to find it in my playlist for 7DRLs instead as the link won't work.

Very cute little roguelike! Creative potion brewing mechanic.