Game made for the Pursuing Pixels James Jam Game Gam #2

Theme: Penalized

Kick the ball at enemies to kill them all as fast as possible to beat the level. If you let the ball touch the ground you will be penalized 10 seconds.  You can gain extra jumps by kicking the ball and deflect bullets to use them to your advantage.

There are 3 stars in each level. One for killing all enemies. One for not letting the ball touch the ground. And one for getting the coin. Try to get 3 stars in every level (it is quite hard).

I recommend using a controller for this (but mouse & keyboard is fine if that is not an option)

Note: Unfortunately, I didn't manage to get saving working in the game so you will lose your times and stars if you close the game (I will fix it post jam). But you can go to the main menu and select levels to replay during your session.


Controller (Recommended):

L-Stick - Move/ Aim kick

A/Y - Jump

R1/R2 - Kick

L1/L2 - Stop ball


R - Restart

Esc - Main Menu

Mouse + Keyboard:

A,D - Move

Space - Jump

Mouse Cursor - Aim kick

Left-Click - Kick

Right-Click - Stop ball

R - Restart

Esc - Main Menu

Music: Level2 by HoliznaCC0


Volley.zip 19 MB


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Had a great time playing this one! Fresh concept - never played a game like this before, but it IMMEDIATELY captured my imagination and I just couldn’t put it down! The beautiful almost one-bit palette, pixel graphics, and chill chiptunes were the perfect pairings for this project!!


Nicely done - great music, fun game play and excellent pixel FX!